Gas Cylinders North Devon

Gas Cylinders North Devon

When it comes to gas cylinders, you need to have a reputable supplier that you can trust - time after time. Which is why Devon Gas is proud to be able to supply exactly what you need. It could be to power your vehicle, it may be to keep your gas stove operational, or it might be to keep your home warm and cosy.

Devon Gas only supplies the highest-quality propane and butane gas to our customers.

Dependability is everything when it comes to things you use or consume on a daily basis. Our products and services are dependable and coupled with our exceptional customer service, you’ll always get the service that you need from us.

Something that we at Devon Gas are proud to be able to offer is our free daily gas cylinder delivery service. This means you will never have to worry about running out of gas for those all-important HVAC systems, or the warmth of your building.

If you are considering if gas cylinders are going to work for you, we offer a free loan for our cylinders in some circumstances - you can contact us to find out more about that service.

From homeowners who are looking at options to keeping their appliances and home running well, or a business owner who is looking for an affordable and reliable way to power the equipment your company uses, Devon Gas can provide that for you.

We treat all of our customers as individuals and tailor our services and supplies to you.

This means that Devon Gas will always give you the highest-quality customer services and products for your needs.

Some of the services include:

Free daily gas cylinder delivery service.
Cylinders supplied on free loan (where applicable).
Mobile gas heaters supplied (with delivery).
Regulators/auto change-over valves/LPG hose/ spanners and supplies.
LPG propane and butane.
One of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to provide fuel for a range of appliances and machinery is by using LPG gas. Many homeowners opt to power their household with LPG gas when they choose to live off-grid - because it is such an affordable and accessible solution.

Devon Gas doesn’t just provide gas, we provide an unbeatable service that is cost-effective and with the knowledge and experience to back it up. We know that we stand out from our competitors because of our diligent approach to products and delivery times. When it comes to delivery, we get our products to our clients in the quickest possible time.

This is why our clients come back to us time and again. If you are ready to discuss your gas needs for home or business, then contact one of our fast, friendly and experienced team members today on 0770402830, or email us any questions you have on

Our service is impeccable, our products are the highest-quality, and each customer is treated with phenomenal customer service. When it comes to the right gas suppliers, Devon Gas is your best option, every time.