Propane Gas Barnstaple

Propane Gas Barnstaple

We understand the importance of a reliable gas supply to your home or business. Order propane gas cylinders from a stockist you can trust. Our aim is to provide excellent service with a quick and easy ordering process you can count on. With Free UK delivery, and exceptional prices in the market you can be confident you’re getting great value for money, as well as high-quality service. We provide daily delivery of Propane Gas Barnstable and offer a fast, efficient and friendly service. At Devon Gas we only deliver from large gas cylinder organisations, so you can be confident your gas is coming from a reliable supplier.

Propane Cylinders

We primarily stock Flogas propane cylinders of different sizes. Propane cylinders are a commodity product so the measurements are standardised, and all brands use the same gas. You can switch between brands without a problem. Propane gas cylinders are ideal for a range of heating and cooking needs, including commercial catering and caravanning. We have a range of sizes in stock including 6kg screw fit propane cylinders which are perfect for fuelling, heating or cooking in caravans or motorhomes. With a 13kg cylinder, you can comfortably heat your patio. Smaller cylinders can be used for blowtorches, burner tools, and other DIY purposes. If you’re looking for a refill cylinder or new propane supply, you can be confident that we’ll have the right one for you. Our team can offer expert advice on which propane gas cylinder is suitable for the application you need it for.

Cylinders - Free Loan

Propane gas cylinders are also available on free loan (where applicable). The gas cylinders remain property of the manufacturer, who is therefore responsible for their collection. Any lost or damaged cylinders will be charged to the customer at the standard selling price. Contact us for more information.

Mobile Gas Heaters

Our LPG gas heaters can be moved from room to room and provide heat both inside and out. We offer a range of gas-powered, all-purpose portable heaters. As well as being convenient, they’re also a more low-cost alternative to traditional electric space heaters. Mobile gas heaters are supplied with Propane Gas Barnstaple deliveries and throughout the local area. Find the portable gas heater to suit your home.

Accessories and Equipment

We also offer a range of accessories for propane gas cylinders and heaters. There is a full range of regulators on sale for delivery and auto-changeover valves. Tools such as LPG hoses, spanners, and other supplies are available. To ensure you use these safely, contact an advisor on 01271 323900 for more information about safe heating installation.


We are based in Barnstaple and deliver daily all over the UK. Please provide us with as much delivery information as you can when you order. Don’t forget to add any specific delivery or collection instructions. You don’t need to be in at the time of delivery, as long as you provide access to our driver and a safe place to leave the cylinders.