Butane Gas Barnstaple

Butane Gas Barnstaple

During the summer months what could be better than dining outside in the glory of your own garden? At Devon Gas, we supply and deliver portable butane gas cylinders, perfect for lighting your BBQ. In the winter, these can provide excellent heating. Based in Barnstaple, we supply multi-purpose butane gas bottles daily, with Free Delivery throughout the UK.

What is Butane?

Similar to propane, butane is a type of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) most commonly used for heating and cooking. We primarily supply bottled butane from Flogas, an established LPG provider, bringing alternative energy to homes for more than 35 years. Butane Gas Barnstaple bottles, or cylinders, are ideal for portable gas heaters, single-burner cooking appliances, and BBQs.


Butane is stored in liquid form as a lot more energy can be saved in this way. The butane is liquefied before being safely stored in the cylinders, then it is ready to be delivered. Using an LPG hose and a regulator to attach it to your cooker, when the butane is released the pressure is dropped which converts it back into gas to fuel your appliance. Butane gas cylinders are best stored indoors when not in use, as they prefer cooler temperatures.

Types of Cylinders

Butane cylinders are available in a range of sizes depending on their application. For instance, a 6-7kg cylinder can provide you with approximately 18 hours of outdoor cooking, or 23 hours of heating. A larger cylinder would be more suitable to fuel an indoor cooking appliance for even longer. The advantage of portable gas cylinders is that they are in fact, portable. You can take them with you in a caravan or motorhome, or camping with your family. They also come with different types of extensions and tools such as regulators, LPG hoses, spanners, auto-change valves, and various other supplies. Whatever your cooking and heating needs, we’ve got you covered. We deliver daily, and pride ourselves in a quick, efficient and friendly service.

Safety Tips for Butane Cylinders

Our team is always at the ready to answer any questions you may have about butane gas. With some friendly tips, you’ll see that cooking with butane is perfectly simple as long as you are careful and follow our safety instructions. Here are some basic guidelines for cooking with butane gas to give you an idea.

Always check the bottle and hose before use for any damage.
Ensure it’s attached properly before lighting.
Turn off the regulator when not in use.
Never leave your gas cylinders unattended or near any chance of ignition.
Don’t position the gas cylinder underneath a BBQ or below where you are cooking, keep it to the side.
Remove any umbrellas and other flammable items to be on the safe side.

If you need any advice about installing your LPG equipment, do not hesitate to get in touch with our expert team on 01271 323 900. As well as providing a steady supply and quick delivery, we pride ourselves on dedicated customer service.